Annabel Caulfield Dip NNT, BA (Hons) Education & English, MA (Ed)

07791 499545

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Annabel Caulfield

Nutrition and Wellness Therapist

Available Appointment Times:

Appointments available at Natural Lifestyles in Newport Pagnell (click HERE for more details)

Skype appointments are available. 


Monday and Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm 


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12 Week Programme                                                                             £130

Whatever your needs (weight loss, management of a pre-existing condition, rediscovering your vitality), my 12-week programme may hold some answers for you.  Included is an initial consultation, up to 2 follow up consultations, either face to face or on Skype/phone, plus email support throughout the 12 weeks.  During the initial consultation we will agree on your goals, and I will provide explanations and handouts, an action plan and recommended supplements.  We will adjust those goals and supplements if required at the follow up consultations.


Support after the 12 Week Programme                    £20 per month

This includes one catch up call, plus email contact and revised action plans and supplement recommendations to reflect your changing requirements.  If you would like to meet in person there will be an extra £10 charge.

1 off consultation                                                                                     £65
Full case history taken and explanations, an action plan and recommended supplements provided following the consultation.  60 - 90 minutes.

Follow up consultation                                                                         £45

45 - 60 minutes to review your progress after the initial consultation, and make any necessary adjustments.

Written report

If you would like a written report detailing explanations and recommendations following your consultation, then there will be extra charge of £20.

Eating plans

If you would like me to draw up a specific eating plan then the charge will be £30 (eating plans are included following the Lorisian 150+ test)

Food Intolerance Test

Please refer to WWW.LORISIAN.CO.UK for more information on what foods are included with each test.  Prices include one follow up consultation.  If you would like to add the test into the 12 week plan please refer to the price in brackets.

Lorisian 75 £195  (£250)

Lorisian 100 £219 (£300)

Lorisian 150+ £299 (£325)


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