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Annabel Caulfield Dip NNT, BA (Hons) Education & English, MA (Ed)

07791 499545

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Annabel Caulfield

Nutrition and Wellness Therapist



Read what previous clients have to say about me!

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Annabel Caulfield for nutritional advice.  She was recommended to me by my Chiropractor, when I asked how he managed to keep so fit and healthy despite a busy job and young family. 


Annabel listened carefully to the details of my current lifestyle (hectic), diet (not ideal) and various health concerns (poor sleep and lack of energy amongst them) and created a bespoke programme for me. 


I was particularly impressed by the following:

1) Annabel's attention to detail. 

2) The comprehensive and informative bespoke 12 week vitality plan, including interesting and delicious recipes and health supplement recommendations. 

3) Her holistic view of my issues and how to solve them. 

4) Her positive, calm and helpful attitude throughout - she has been a joy to meet with. 


I would happily recommend Annabel to anyone wanting to improve their life through improved nutritional awareness.

Liz Hayes, Milton Keynes


I saw Annabel for a consultation just over 3 weeks ago and in that short time I already feel better within myself. Annabel certainly knows her stuff, she is very professional and understanding and doesn't judge. The programme she devised was perfectly suited to me and my health/lifestyle and it has completely changed the way I think about food and what I put into and on my body. I would highly recommend Annabel, for the individual she is and for the holistic way she viewed my health and nutrition. 

Androulla, Milton Keynes

"I found it really informative – you’re very knowledgeable!

 And thanks for the attached + recipes – I loved that coconut stuff!"

Ali, Milton Keynes


"Thank you so much for your nutritional tips and advice, Annabel.  I now feel I have a better understanding of what I should (and shouldn’t!) be eating.  Already, the supplements you recommended have improved my overall health, and as someone with a couple of chronic conditions, it’s great to have an holistic alternative to managing my own health, rather than a doctor handing out more ‘one size fits all’ drugs!"

Lou, Milton Keynes

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Annabel- I would like to thank you for your professional nutritional advice and fantastic support! You are a lovely person with great knowledge.  You have helped me massively to reduce my IBS symptoms and I am very grateful for that!


Gosia, Milton Keynes

After months of discomfort and finding medication no longer controlling my symptons, after two visits and a food intolerance test I feel better than I have for many months. Having found out that I cannot tolerate basic foods such as wheat, yeast and potatoes a complete rethink of my diet has been necessary.  The advice and help with sourcing suitable substitute foods that Annabel has given me has been invaluable.

Christine, Milton Keynes

"Many thanks for changing my life of many years. I've only been following your advice 5 days and the difference is incredible. It's like a miracle

Thank you for writing your report so clearly and easy to follow... 

You presented yourself professionally and clearly throughout the consultation, you put me at ease..."

Mrs B, Swindon

"If you're looking for a Nutritional Therapist please like and share this page. Highly recommend this lady!  You will not be disappointed!"

Kathy, Milton Keynes